Prop Catalog Limited License

When you purchase or grab a prop from a member on our site, you are purchasing the right to:

1. Use the prop texture in properties that you, the purchaser, own.

You are not allowed to:

1. Sell or give away the prop texture or your limited license url.
2. Use the prop texture in a property not owned by you, the purchaser.
3. Transfer a property that includes these textures to someone else.

If you violate those terms, your prop texture will cease to work, and you will forfeit your limited license.

Prop Limited License URL

An Uther3D Limited License url looks like this:

If you receive this url from anywhere but here, you are receiving a violated code. Do not purchase these, and please report them to us at

Content Complaints

If you are the owner of a copyright or trademark you see on this site, and did not give permission for it to be used, you may contact our DMCA Agent at

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