The Past:

...there was a website called UVTexture.

UVTexture provided the Utherverse community with the first Avatar Clothing System outside of the basic closet, where users could upload and share their creations with other users via texture file sync tools. UVTexture then took it a step further, becoming UVDeviant, creating an online catalog system and expanding as a medium for buying and selling user-created clothing textures; thereby creating commerce in the 'verse. As time went on and new features were added to the game, UVDeviant expanded to offer a Virtual Prop Catalog, as well as Virtual Property Listings.

For years UVDeviant served the virtual community of Utherverse, but life happens, things change, and people move on. After 7 years of service, the owners of UVDeviant decided it was time to close the doors and pursue other goals. This saddened many of the longstanding community members, because even though they would retain their saved clothing and props on Utherverse servers, they would no longer be able to use the UVD interface to easily grab and apply their purchases.

The Present:

And so along came us: Uther3D (U3D), a group of users who strongly believe in the now and future of Utherverse, and the need for a 3rd party system to continue to provide expanded options that Utherverse does not have the time or interest to develop. We have acquired the UVDeviant technology and API interface, and plan to continue the work where it was left off, keeping everything running smoothly while also working on future projects.

The website has been rebuilt under the Uther3D brand. All previous user purchases have been retained. And we have tried to maintain the structure of the original site while still making it possible to add new options and features.

Our team consists of some very talented people, from different backgrounds, with different skills and strengths. We have all spent many years in Utherverse, and know the system from a user point of view. This, in itself, gives us a distinct insight into what may or may not be needed as we move forward.

The Future:

Technology evolves; things change; people learn, adapt, and grow. Utherverse itself is evolving and growing. The owners are developing a 'New RLC', known as "Curio", on the Unity3D game platform. But the 'Legacy RLC' still exists and will continue to exist for quite some time. Here at Uther3D, we have a strong desire to serve the community on both platforms old and new. Our primary goal is to continue to bring you options and features that are not readily available within the parent website.

And lets face it, there is just something awesome about thinking to yourself.."I really wish there was an option to do such-and-such..." and then realizing that you may just have the means to make it possible for everyone.

Here's to the future!!
~Uther3D Team

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