Uther3D is the largest community based resource provider for the members of Utherverse.

What do we offer?
  • An amazing variety of shopping choices, from fashion, to decor, to properties!
  • The ability to create and sell more unique fashions and styles than in the basic Utherverse Closet.
  • The Advanced Clothing Editor. Alter your appearance by moving around textures and changing meshes for purchases from U3D and UVC!
  • Decorators can list their properties for sale to be found in our Property Listings. Reach more users!
  • The ability to upload and sell prop textures and have them hosted securely.

All supported by a new management team with strong community ties and a desire to help you get more out of your Utherverse experience.

Not a member of Utherverse? Click here to join through us. If you join through us, you will receive ®25 immediately in your UV account to spend. You will also receive an additional ®150 if you decide to upgrade to VIP!

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