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Property added Aug 4, 2016
Exxxotica Underground Theater
Layout is ®300.00
Small Club
Built on a Small Vacant Club, this theater is built as a Porn Theater but may be used for any project. Built with custom textures and design and features a BDSM room with trap cage, large seating areas and small side areas. Player not included.
Customizable upon request
Property added May 22, 2016
Sugar and Spice
Zaby is ®220.00
Basic Zaby Layout 1 V3
I was asked to create some pink furniture, and made so much it filled a zaby.
Property added Jan 25, 2015
The Sleepy Louise
Layout is ®570.00
Basic Park Vacant*
The Sleepy Louise is a time capsule from the past. Relics of the 1950s, 60s and the tip of the 70s are strewn throughout the property. Not up for sponsorships or any other voucher type below 400 rays.
Property added May 23, 2016
HoT Entry Level Zaby Cont.Style
Zaby is ®125.00
Basic Zaby Layout 1 V2
A HoT starter zaby for those new to the game or for some one who wants a place to land w/ a few friends. A tasteful blend of world textures and custom interior design gives this layout a Contemporary/Modern flavor. Plenty of room for more decoration.
Property added Jun 23, 2015
Bikers GetAway
Zaby is ®150.00
Basic Zaby Layout 2 /w Kitchen V2
A Bikers get away. All the fun of a Biker Bar plus the benefits of Home Sweet Home. Come and see for yourself.
Customizable upon request
Property added Dec 7, 2014
Water Dragon Living Habitat
Zaby is ®500.00
Basic Zaby Layout 1 /w Kitchen V2
This water dragon habitat is one of a kind zaby with your own dragon and underwater habitat. Custom furniture and dragon.
Property added Dec 28, 2013
Purple home
Zaby is ®150.00
Basic Zaby Layout 1 /w Kitchen V2
Lovly Purple Zaby
Property added Jun 20, 2014
Beyond Hells Gate
Zaby is ®300.00
Basic Zaby Layout 1 V2
more than 450 props most of them customized, other props textures in my catalog,
Customizable upon request
Property added Feb 11, 2017
Sinful Chalet with BDSMToy & Bed
Layout is ®200.00
Basic Street Vacant*
Sinful Chalet on Street Basic Vacant
50 Rays Less for Uther3D Buyers
House built by Evilcowboy
decorated by Red_Poison

Comes with Female & Male Bot
Property added Dec 11, 2013
Pipe Dreams
Zaby is ®420.00
Basic Zaby Layout 1 V2
Steampunk design, with a working dance pole, bots. Besides the inside of the basic zaby decor, there is an outside area you can explore. Several hidden sex opportunities and a small dance floor.
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